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'86 is hot.

'86 is a poser guys and Tom, 65 is your Mom, so easy there dude.

'69 is just plain hot.

The latest version, interesting, is back to looking maternal and domestic. Wonder how that will hold up in the next few years.

'69 is some sort of WASP/DAR/Stepford/Nurse Ratchett nightmare construct. The pop psych take is that you secretly desire a frigid female authority figure to administer discipline to you and punish you for your impure thoughts. And no, you don't get a happy ending.
'69 is the establishment clinging to an idealized vision of the Eisenhower era, rejecting the tide of DFH's that was sweeping the country. If you aren't wearing a charcoal trilby and topcoat and smoking a pipe, you'd better start now so you can land that girl of your dreams.

69 and 86. Preferably in that order.

69 and 86? Sounds like dating advice from Warren Beatty, if you ask me.

I think they photoshopped '96's head onto a slightly smaller body.

I was thinking more along the lines of 69 with 86, but that's just me.

And you just know that 36 is wearing a leather corset under that get up, and probably holding a riding crop just out of view of the camera.

Sorry but they all look like they would be terrible in the sack!

Maybe it's me!

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