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Thanks for the headline billing dude, and glad all is well in ole Kentuck. Curious though, did you bump your head or something? Cuz I gotta tell you, I never said Katrina wasn't a case of government failure. The difference was that it was primarily a local and state government failure. Even you recognize the importance of "johnny on the spot" response for the local and state folks who "have never left a moment of doubt about who was in charge". In New Orleans, Mayor Sleepy and Gov. Dimwit heard the battle call and promptly fainted.

I, in a post that amazingly also includes movie critique and fashion advice for Naomi Wolf, argue convincingly this very same point about Katrina. Here is the link:


Sadly you can't seem to get over your Bush hatred and go on to talk about how "one could argue that the state response could have been stronger". This is like saying dental care in Kentucky could be stronger. True, but an extreme in understatement!

Anyway, all I really wanted to do was compliment your State and Local government who show well on TV here, and the people who have gotten through a difficult time well.

Apparently, while I was bumping my head, you missed my explanation of why local and state government -- even had they been hyper efficient, which they weren't -- would have been inadequate to fill the need of New Orleans.

It's nice how you let the feds off the hook though. I'm sure the party affiliations of the politicians involved have nothing to do with your keenly objective analysis.

"I'm sure the party affiliations of the politicians involved have nothing to do with your keenly objective analysis."

Good man! When you've got nuthin' through out the baseless charge.

Tom, you are correct, the federal government could and should have done a MUCH better job post Katrina. However the state and local governments could and should have done something, anything at all Pre-Katrina. Mayor Nagin refused to declare a mandatory evacuation until it was much too late because he didn't want to be the first mayor to evacuate New Orleans. He then left the city command center to hole up at the Hyatt, out of communication with State and local officials. The State government was inefficient and ineffective. There is plenty of blame to go around, including the Army Corps of Engineers failure to maintain the levess, for years, certainly for much longer than simply during the Bush administration. I highly recommend "The Great Deluge" by Douglas Brinkley for an unbiased report on the failures at every level. Or perhaps I can put you in touch with some of my family members who live in and around New Orleans to hear their views.

But then, it is probably easier for you to just blame Bush.

I remember well the Republicans I know advocating that the federal government to keep the Army and National Guard out of the city until "those people" stopped shooting at helicopters

Got anything close to a cite for that or is it purely anecdotal? I personally don't remember a single person, besides media dorks who got a wonderful headline and of course ran it (one could say with flags flying high), who thought random thugs shooting at helicopters would stop the US BY GOD ARMY.

I do personally remember, also, that there was a Constitutional argument about using the US Army on American soil. There probably still is, and should be. But that's just the Constitution...what good is that moldy old thing?

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