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"Pardon me, sir, but you're a fucking idiot. What's happening to you is exactly what should happen to people like you -- and the fact that I have to pay for your swimming pool in order to keep my wife's TIAA/CREF account from going up in smoke pisses me off to no end. So do me a favor: shut up and feel a decent sense of shame. Don't come on my TV and plead for sympathy while your kids splash and paddle in your private pool. "

Holy Cow Tom, you almost sound like a Repulican here!

I'm so proud... sniff.. :)

Only problem is, Barry thinks he can bail EVERYONE out.

I see idiots like these every. single. day. Young couples walking into a bank and asking for the money to build a $500,000 home in an area where the average home price is somewhere right around $100,000. But, they think they should be able to live at 24 the way their parents do at 50 after a lifetime of working and saving.

This was a concept my ex-wife could never understand.

This is why we should stop the bailout and let the chips fall where they may

I don't have the answers, but I am tempted to say let the chips fall.

What's happening to a lot of people now happened to me in 2002. I divorced, short-sold a house, and lost a job that year. I've been paying back the debt (100%) ever since, the last four years in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. I also worked two jobs for three years to catch up financially. And I seriously down scaled. It's been very painful and hard, but it's also been a good thing. My life isn't spinning out of control financially. I was able to reduce to one job eight months ago.

That said, I have a lot of advantages that many people don't. I have a lot of education and I am able to earn a more than adequate income.

But I see the toll the house of cards is taking on states. Revenues have plummeted drastically. State services are sorely underfunded. Government DOES create jobs, lots of them. The revenue shortfall is trickling through the whole economy.

So I am with you. Save the banks, help the states resume all of their capital projects and fully fund services, and let homeowner's take their lumps (through debt restructuring).

I took my lumps and I'm all the better for it.

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