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No. Government spending (as evidenced by Barry's new "stimulus" package) is out of control and wasteful. Unless that is ever curtailed I would prefer that government keep their hand out of my pocket.

I don't believe in the wall street or Auto industry bailouts either for the same reasons.

You're asking this question of the same conservatives who won't ask for national sacrifice in time of war (two of 'em, actually)?

The same conservatives who want government's hand out of their pocket but are perfectly okay with government's ear listening to everyone's phone calls and with government's eye looking in everyone's bedroom?

These people live with cognitive dissonance, so you're not likely to get a coherent response.

Yeah because the Obama administration has stated that it will start rolling back all that intrusive surveillance legislation....right after they get that economy thing handled!

There's a reason they call it the warfare/welfare state...apparently if you want the mediocre services you have to take all that comes with it.

And there we have another shining example of the lefts idea of unity.

Lower taxes are always a good thing. However, what really needs to happen is to cut federal spending, and apparently there isn't a single person in Washington, no matter the initial after their name, that has the balls to actually try to do it.

Frank pretty much summed up what I was going to say.

Now, somebody please call a nurse for Richard. He's sure to catch a cold with his dress pulled that far up over his head.

Can we get on the same page, here? Forgetting the stimulus package for a minute (right, don't think about elephants), do our taxes cover 2005 normal budget expenditures and the cost of prosecuting two wars? Much of Iraq spending has not been budgeted but the money is being spent so we need to account for it. I picked '05 because that represents a Republican POTUS and Congress and we know those guys are careful about wasting taxpayer dollars. I am going to spend the next half hour or so trying to come up with some numbers but if anybody knows where to look, help me out.
The question is, are we paying enough taxes? (and of course, "is our children learning?")

Serious question for Tom: Will you ever let the facts get in the way of a dumb political point you want to make?

"When President George W. Bush took office, he vowed to cut taxes because the economy was going so well..."

This is factually wrong. The tech bubble burst starting in March of 2000 when it hit its zenith as measured by the Nasdaq close. The recession started in March of 2001 a short two months after Bush took office. To suggest that the "economy was going so well" at the time of his inaugural is both wrong and stupid.

As per the NBER:

"On July 16, 2003, the committee determined that a trough in economic activity occurred in November 2001. The trough marks the end of the recession that began in March 2001."

I can't believe that people still insist on claiming that we have been in a worse financial situation in the last eight years than we are now.

Perhaps it is because I am so young, and haven't really been financially aware. The only thing I am certain on is that I am actually glad that I have yet to find a good paying job since I have been out of college. Had there been jobs waiting I may have invested some of my spendable income and since watched it go down the toilet along with my parents life savings.

My question is this: Have the right been so lucky that they haven't been affected by this financial crisis, or did they have the incredible insight to be keeping their assets under the mattress where it is safe?

In answer to Leanu, the past economic quarter was the worst since 1982. 1982's was worse. Less than thirty years ago.

In 1984, a scant two years later, Reagan rode "Morning in America" to a 48 state sweep of Walter Mondale, in large part because the economy had repaired itself and was humming along quite well.

"Now, somebody please call a nurse for Richard. He's sure to catch a cold with his dress pulled that far up over his head."

Best comment ever!

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