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Slavery reparations, anyone?

No, no, that would be a separate piece of legislation.

H.R. 40, the "Commission to Study Reparation Proposals for African-Americans Act," introduced into the House of Representatives on Jan. 6.

Nancy Pelosi really annoys me.

Yes, one and two years are clearly different and as much as you'd like to ignore it, you can't. The argument isn't that this is normal spending dressed up as stimulus, the argument is that it is additional spending that we can't afford dressed up as stimulus.

Look at the average length of recessions. Spending two years from now is likely to be to late to stimulate the economy. As for the 10% number, you can't just say it is no good. You need to demonstrate why . Even the government will have trouble spending the money responsibly faster than this. It takes time to plan and bid infrastructure projects.

This is the problem with an inexperienced president. His own party can roll him, and in my view that is what happened here. You may not like it, but under virtually any definition of what this plan is supposed to do, it is hard to see how it will accomplish its stated goals

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