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If a democratic Iraq sticks, history will treat this administration extremely well. If it doesn't, well at least we tried. Either way, history will surely question the Democratic party. Either it will have been wrong about the what could be achieved in the event of success, and further, will be seen to have actively worked against American interests, or it will be seen as to have also voted for the "first war" to use you term, and been wrong. Either way, Cheney and Bush get treated far better than Reid and Pelosi.

Also, while expensive in dollar terms, Iraq did not cost trillions. The correct figure is around 700B. A lot, but far short of "trillions".

By the way, what did you think about Gibbs flaming Cheney at today's news huddle?

I'm not sure how much attention history is going to pay to Congress and the subtleties of the Democratic vote. I suspect not very much. Iraq is President Bush's war, like it or not. And your offhand statement that Democrats worked against American interests will only prove valid if the war will be judged to have been a fulfillment of American interests. If the war is judged a failure, those who opposed the war will be judged to have been right.

As for Gibb's "flaming" of Cheney, I'm not even a little interested. The lib talk shows tonight were all about Cheney's "less secure" remark; conservatives are all cranked up about Gibbs. Neither provided good material. I'll pass.

Dick Cheney had hit squads to kill people across the world, and it get less then one day of news coverage from all of the people who are suppose to look into this stuff. WE had Nazis in the white house and it does not even seem to bother anyone across the country! If they get away with it, someone will do it again in the near future!

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