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So can you translate that message into language that a grocery store clerk like me can make sense of? When I read it a couple of times it seems to say, "We need to carefully choose from among the packaged do-it-yourself software offerings for video production and then make sure what we are trying to do is worth the money we would have to put into it." Am I close?

I had a corporate meeting this morning with the one of the vice presidents of Wilson Daniels. It went like this, "I really liked those three wines. The other two; not so much. How much per case if I buy them in tens?" Wine guys aren't so nerdy after all.

In today's world, if they are paying you to listen this garbage (or is it), grin and bear it. They do not have a clue,

Make sure these guys pay you in cash.

I'm a technology nerd by trade and even I hate dealing with pinheads like that. In my experience, the more superfluous the language, the more the speaker is trying to compensate for their own shortcomings.

And I'll second what pursuit said, get the money up front. And in cash.

For the record, the people quoted in the piece are not my client. That is, they're not the people paying me. My client is as buzzword-phobic as I am. And she pays her invoices promptly.

I always go for the Star Trek dialogue...a good "double-dumb-ass-on YOU!" usually works. Or not.

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