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World Net Daily is a fringe site. Yes, Bill O'Reilly has viewers but he's not looked upon as Walter Cronkite. Move on, nothing to see here.
Your fixation with the fringe is getting in the way of an open discussion with people like Frank, Adam and Pursuit who disagree with you but are not actually delusional like Squidley. We have some pretty strong arguments on our side. They have a new-found (as of Jan.20, 2009) mistrust of the Government. I believe that they won't ignore facts that we can bring to bear in the discussion. I believe my part in this is to leave the fringe elements (ours and theirs) out of the discussion, be open to viable points from those I think I disagree with and work to show them why I support the things I do. Of course, that's not nearly as satisfying and entertaining as a good rant about Rush or World Net Daily.
On the other hand, the mainstream Republicans nominated Sarah Palin as their VP candidate and had Bobby Jindal respond to the President's State of the Union address, so maybe you're right and all Republicans are whack jobs.

Didn't the media readily report on a fake Dan Rather report about Bush's time flying around in planes for the Nat Guard? Seems like that might have been a different standard, but to be honest, I really don't care.

Wally. Never trusted the gov. certainly don't now that there is a president with zero executive experience trying to run the private sector.

Also, Palin may have been nominated by the Repubs, but your guys nominated and elected Biden. Talk about a whack job!

Biden lacks an internal editor and a strong ethical compass about his home loan. This makes him boorish and crooked but I think putting him in the same "whack job" category as Young Earth Palin is a stretch. I also don't think the government is a good choice to run the private sector but have you been reading the papers lately? The private sector has asked for massive amounts of your cash (mine, too) from the government because they made many bad decisions and are now insolvent.
What's your choice?
a)Let 'em go broke. The Market will fix itself
b)Give 'em as much as they need. No oversight, the Market will do the right thing.
c)Give 'em some cash and a short leash. Even Gov't oversight is better than none at all.

You've already eliminated (c). Am I missing some options?
As to Obama's cv- I don't like Summers and Geithner but they answer your experience questions. Presidents don't have to do the actual job of writing an economic recovery plan or driving a tank into Baghdad, for that matter. They have to weigh the alternatives, make choices and work with Congress. Granted, I think Bush/Cheney was able to come up with "Cut Taxes for Rich Guys" on their own but I think the rest of their budgets were written by wonks.

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