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" The reason is that I'll care more about what people who read it think"

What? You don't care about what I think???

(In my best Moe Howard) "Why I oughta...!"


Suggestion: you may want to start a new blog if you plan to associate with yourself in public.

There are things you've said here, over the years, that you may not wish to be seen with in perpetuity.

"if you plan to associate with yourself in public."

Nice. Very nice.

I'll tell you one area where I'm uncomfortable with FB. I had a situation where one of my FB friends who fancies himself a philosopher posted a link to a survey that indicated that the numbers of people who say they are religious is declining. He went on to point and laugh, essentially, at all those silly, misguided people who still believe in God. I responded at length, and the discussion went back and forth several times. I thought later on that I should have had the conversation via private email instead of on his wall. Social media can lull you into such a sense of intimate communication, when really you're out there for the world to see. And now that I'm blogging, it's even worse. I googled myself the other day and I was a little alarmed at the number of hits that came up. I knew this stuff going in to it, but I'm not sure if I really KNEW it. Ya know what I mean?

Yah, I googled you too Cathleen, and really....well. too. many. jokes. head. exploding!

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