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" He asked for a $750 billion stimulus package, and he got a $750 billion stimulus package. "

And the Market soared! Oh wait...

"He said he'd end torture and he's ending torture."

Really? http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va&aid=12041

" He said he'd end the war and he's ending the war -- a little more slowly than he said, but even that works to his advantage. "

LOL, even when he doesn't live up to his promises you give him credit. Is there anything this guy does that you wouldn't praise?

The stock market is reacting to very real economic conditions, and those conditions continue to exist. The economy is a big thing and it takes time to move. It is only Republicans who think that Congress can pass a law and the economy will change over night -- a repudiation of everything Republicans believe, but when it comes to assessing Obama rationality is not expected.

Now, about torture: do you really believe that Obama is looking for a way to continue the torture policies of the Bush Administration? After a whole campaign during which you believed Obama was going to coddle terrorists, and in intervening months where you've stated your belief that Obama wants to release terrorists into American neighborhoods, you now believe he wants to continue to torture terrorists, too?

Finally, his 16 month out of Iraq schedule was always predicated on consultations with his generals and conditions on the ground. Republicans conveniently ignored his caveats at the time because that enabled them to argue that he advocated a "precipitous" withdrawal. Now you ignore his caveats to demonstrate that he's dishonest.

Hard to believe you guys are losing.

No one expected the stock market to have regained everything it had lost, but how did the market react to the stimulous bill? Even a bounce? No. But of course those things don't matter.

Please show where I stated that he was going to "release terrorists into American neighborhoods". Dramatic... but untrue.

Spit or swallow Tom?

Oh, I get it...
You took this comment:
"Please show me the list of states who are clammoring to house these kind souls due to be released from Gitmo. Maybe they can take up residence in your neighborhood Tom."

A question, asking which states are looking to house the Gitmo detainees, along with a sarcastic jibe as my stating that Obama wants to release terrorists into neighborhoods.

Quite a stretch. Your hero worship knows no bounds.

So: my dislike of President Bush, whose policies I found reprehensible, is attributable to Bush Hatred, and my enjoyment of the first two months of President Obama, whose policies I largely agree with, is attributable to hero worship.

Might there be other than emotional reasons for my like and dislike of these politicians?

Rush is wicked hot. That's all that matters.

"Might there be other than emotional reasons for my like and dislike of these politicians?"

Sure, there could be. But so far, there has been little evidence to support that hypothesis. (Who brought up Bush recently anyway? Not I. )

I simply find it amusing that you scour the internet looking for anything you can find to disparage republicans. You spend more time listening to Rush in a week than I (a long time Republican) do in a year, and no matter what Obama does you laud him for it. You simply think he can do no wrong. These aren't the actions of someone with an unemotional viewpoint.

But, I'll bite.. you mention that you "largely agree with" Obama's policies. Lets hear about where you think Obama is wrong.

I am, of course, not going to be as critical of Democrats as I am of Republicans, since I mostly agree with Democrats. Likewise President Obama. I like him, he's doing the things I voted for him to do, and I'm not one who believes I should condemn him for not getting everything done in the first two months. I'll settle for heading in the right direction, which I think we're doing.

That said, and without wasting time on actual research, I wrote several times during the campaign about Obama's proposal for a windfall profits tax on oil companies. I believe I called it stupid and nothing but an old time redistribution of wealth scheme. If he were to propose it again now, I'd say the same thing.

Also during the campaign, I was critical several times of Obama's tactics. I was particularly critical several times when he didn't hit back at Republican attacks. I worried aloud that he was being wimpy and would pay a price for that. He stayed wimpy, and he turned out to be right. Because of that, I'm patient with him in a way that I'm not with others. I trust his political judgment, and likely will until he proves otherwise.

And recently I wrote about the first draft of the stimulus package, saying that Democrats shouldn't have larded it up with controversial programs they didn't have the guts to fight for in public. I believe I called them "boneheads." I am not so trusting of the run-of-the-mill Democrat's political judgment.

You also have to keep in mind that Republicans, at this particular moment, are great material. If one is looking for jokes to make, a party of circus clowns is a good place to start. Rush's current campaign to blame Obama for the falling stock market -- which started falling in October, 2007, more than a year before Obama was even nominated -- is the stuff of much comedy.

If you're not going to take off the knee pads, at least come up for air Tom.

I will simply say, Thanks for the comment Tom.

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