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I don't think the President needs to debate a radio personality. If I remember correctly, there were a bunch of debates in '08 and the upshoot is that Obama is now President. Is Rush under the illusion that he can challenge Obama for the Presidency before 2012? If he has some kind of beef, he can write his Congressman just like the rest of us.

I wonder if Rush would quickly shut off Obamas microphone once he got flustered since he can't hang up like he does with callers who make a valid point against him.

You might want to take a moment, remove the knee pads and consider how stupid it is for O'Bama to engage in a public spat with an increasingly irrelevant radio personality. I haven't thought of Limbaugh in years, save when I read your accounts of his shows and there are many conservatives similar to me. Yet, O'Bama tries to play cute and have his proxies try to demonize Limbaugh.

What is the goal here? Nobody who supports O'Bama is going to suddenly turn on Limbaugh out of the blue and think, gosh he's right, I shouldn't have voted for Barry. So why engage the guy and bring him back from the conservative fringe into the mainstream conversation? Limbaugh, no idiot, saw the opening and quickly made this about him and O'Bama with this challenge. In one move, he gets mainstream headlines, and sullies O'Bama with the mud O'Bama thought he'd avoid by using proxies. O'Bama's move here was plug dumb, and he should fire the guy who talked him into it.

And while you're taking a break from worship, consider the idiotic letter to Russia. Offer to give up hard won ABM sites in eastern Europe before even getting an indication that you're poorly conceived proposal will be accepted, and then have it leaked to the press, so your vulnerable allies know you were willing to sell them out, while also signaling to Iran that you're slightly desperate? Plug dumb again.

Two small data points that provide a worrisome insight into this administration's niavete.

Well said Pursuit.... well said.

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