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Yet another triumph of conservative ideology...

Really? Isn't this flavor of protectionism every bit as much a democrat thing?

Shh... he's rolling... :)

The federal transit regulations that changed last Spring came out of the Department of Transportation, which is part of the Executive Branch. In general, Republicans like privatization and Democrats like public transit workers' unions, so I'm guessing there wasn't a lot of Democratic pressure on President Bush to change the regs. What is it you guys are talking about?

I was joking Tom.

The same thing happened with the buses for the Indy 500. Although with Indy raising taxes for everything under the sun lately, not spending Tax dollars to provide transportation to a privately owned event is fine with me.

The local agency turned a profit on the transportation every year. There was no subsidy. Also you may find it interesting that the company that's handling Derby transport is the same one that does the 500.

What is it you guys are talking about?

The private companies should in theory be at a disadvantage as there are always subsidies associated with public transportation.

That said, there's no compelling reason to suppress competition between public transit and private coach companies. Looks like somebodies lobbyist got the rules changed. Rattle someones cage and get them changed back!

Your guys are in charge! Jump into participatory democracy and call you local congressman.


Article in today's Indy star. Two things stand out:
1. The shuttles for the year (all three races at the speedway) were a break even proposition.

2. Last year Indygo was allowed to run the shuttles for the 500 (the only profitable event) This year the Department of Transportation, which is part of the executive branch, said no.

Sorry the company's not as good, but I'm still glad to hear about the change. For a lot of reasons which will probably bore you, since we've certainly discussed them before. Why it is you like the idea of governments taking your money and going out on business ventures, I have no real idea.

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