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Yeah, I was wondering if anyone else in North America had noted the suggestion by a federal legislator that...what?

All I could assume was that he meant to suggest county clerks should resist by refusing marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

From his mouth to God's ear.

One challenge in gaining access to marriage rights for gay couples has been the consistent fairness and respect shown to 99.9% of those who request a marriage license.

It's difficult to move public opinion by getting beat on the head when nobody will beat you on the head. So yes, Rep. King's cry for resistance has been heard and it's in my interest for it to be spread like wildfire throughout Iowa's counties.

Thus creating the video that will lead that evening's news, featuring two pale blonde Iowan farmers' daughters--and their adorable toddler in a formal dress that looks like a wedding cake--being turned away from a public service by someone who doesn't like their family structure.

A girl can dream.

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