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Your snarkiness aside, you would let them go peacefully? As crazy as you think they all are for going, you would permit a peaceful divorce?

I think that that is a perfectly rational position.

Which means it has absolutely no chance of ever occurring given the kinds of people who occupy the halls of power these days!

You keep pushing though.

Wow. Just Wow.

Yeah, Steve, I know: I've broken through and found the satire again. Ah, life is good...

I read a book where stuff like that happened. Except they all moved to a valley in Colorado. When I was 22 years old, I thought I was one of those people. That unions and the government were holding me down. Turns out I just wasn't very ambitious and the liberal mommy-state is really a good fit for me. But that's just me, let's ask Alan Greenspan. He not only read the book, he mixed up industrial sized vats of the Koolaid and put it in our water. What does Alan think, now? Meh, not so much.

Please ask NewMexiKen for a second opinion/voice of reason.

It's hard enough living next door to the Lower 48's loony bin now. Giving the Texas State Patrol police powers equal to the FBI's, now, that just can't be right.

What was that quote we were bandying about during the torture discussion, Wally? "Those who would trade liberty for security deserve neither", wasn't it?

Throw in a couple more states and I'll consider the Texas deal. The Red Staters (and incidentally, why are Republicans now offically the "Red Staters"? Is it because giving the Dems that color would just hit a little too close to home for them?) make up about half the electorate, after all.

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