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So, did Uncle Ted accept a $200K home addition or not? If not, why did they prosecute? Left wing conspiracy doesn't work as all the major players were being directed by Republican administrations (Fed & State).

Great: if we can't prosecute someone like Ted Stevens for petty corruption (although I'm sure there's more if someone cares to dig), we have no hope in hell of prosecuting, say, the former administration for war crimes, the folks responsible for the AIG fiasco, etc.

Ted was (most likely) guilty as sin, and good riddance. I agree with Wally that I doubt partisanship had anything to do with it, but Stevens has a reputation of being an out and out bastard, so a personal vendetta, regardless of partisanship, I find possible.

But it does appear that the Justice Dept tried to illegally railroad a sitting US Senator (again, foolishly, since he was most likely guilty anyway) and that is a bit scary. This isn't simply an "Oops, my bad," where you just walk away.

You'd think that the Obama Justice Dept would savor an opportunity to investigate this to see how the Bush Justice Dept screwed up on this.

The Obama Justice Department seems to be off to a very slow start: nobody is dangling from the yardarms yet.

Don Siegelman's name keeps coming up, too. Frmm my readings, Siegelman is objecting because Rove helped get the investigation started, not because he was innocent. Can we just stop with the "FreeDon Don Siegelman" and "Poor Uncle Ted was railroaded" campaigns. Not only did these guys commit felonies, they committed them by using their elected office for their own gain. Democrat or Republican- no matter, these guys are crooks and partisan politics should be working to dump them, not rehabilitate their images. T least armed robbers don't claim to be performing public service as they take cash and jewelry from their victims.

What does it say about me that as I was reading along, I pictureda a male FBI agent and a female witness - which made the whole skirt episode much more interesting. Prosecutorial misconduct, indeed (unless he had the legs for it).

it's fitting that they announced the dismissal of Ted Steven's case on April 1st

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