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Yeah, Coleman is starting to look like Al Gore.

Yeah, that's the Al Gore who backed off gracefully. That one. Just like Coleman. Absolutely.

Al Gore backed off gracefully? What crazy, revisionist world do you live in? Al Gore still makes snide comments insinuating that he won the election. In the years since the 2000 election, Carter, Clinton and Obama have all stated that Al Gore won. Democrats still whine and complain about the 'stolen' election.

Anyway, before I saw your comment this is what I intended to say.

I believe Coleman had legitimate complaints at the beginning of this process. He may even have gotten screwed along the way during the recounts and lawsuits to follow. That being said, there comes a time when, no matter how right you may be, you need to sit down and shut up for the good of the country and the process. I think that Al Franked being elected to anything is the biggest joke I've seen in years, but regardless, it's past time for Coleman to be the bigger man and bow out gracefully.

Agree on every point Frank.

Minor correction--Ol' Horsetooth Norm hasn't taken the case to federal court yet. He's appealed to the Minnesota Supreme Court, and that's the case currently in process. While it would surprise no one that Normie and the national Republicans carry the case further, it has not been taken to a federal court yet.

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