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I think I have to agree with you on this one. If we had been presented with the opportunity and not taken it, resulting in the death of the captain, then I would probably say it reflected poorly on Obama. As it stands, the military did what it does best; kill people and break things, and Obama did what he needed to do, which was to allow the SEALS to do their jobs.

Oh well, seems my praise of Obama may have been a little short sited. According to Uncle Jimbo at Blackfive, Obama never ordered the take-down of the pirates. Everyone should read the whole thing, as it is a nice glimpse into how Obama operates; give a vaguely worded order that gives enough plausible denyability that if things had gone tango uniform, he could have blamed the commanders on the ground for not following his orders closely enough.


Tom: Have you noticed the recent hubbub about our POTUS's extension of President Bush's wiretapping? His justice department is now advancing the legal argument that the government should be immune from prosecution by civilians for any illegal spying activity.

It's gaining some strength as a talking point (at least on the shows I listen to, which do run the ideological gamut).

The White House is directing the DOJ to maintain the Bush administration's positions on issues like wire tapping and obstructing trials that would involve state secrets. This is bad news and needs to be addressd by those of us who support Obama. It's never too late to do the right thing.

My only problem with O'Bama's order here is the imminent threat on the captain's life requirement. This typical hand wringer stuff. The cap'n's life was under threat the minute he set foot on that life boat. O'Bama should have told the Navy boys to do what they needed to do the save the guy. It appears that they did this. Good for them.

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