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C'mon. Stop with this. We come here for fart jokes. These people are pitiful. That does not make them newsworthy. Do some actual research about teen pregnancy in Wasilla, or better yet, Palmer, but stop focusing in these kids (19?) who have the misfortune of being brought up by fucked-up parents in a weird town that's caught between a frontier ethos and wanting to be a big box, suburban mecca of Lowes, Menards, Super Walmart and, dare we dream? Ikea.

You don't understand Wally. Sarah Palin dared to run against Barack Omighty and as such she must be attacked.

her candidacy was a joke. A bizarre attempt by an out of touch party to tap into a non-existent family-values voting block that would give them the edge. It was heartening to see that so many people crossed party lines and actually voted based on how worried they were about what America had become. Though I think it is still frightening that nearly half of America voted for for more years of the same under McCain.
Did you read the comments from the new Chair of Citigroup? "We all share in the blame for the meltdown." Working folks finally figured out that Democrats may not be the answer but Republicans are actually the enemy of the common man (under $150K wage earners). Even the "Look, Sarah's just like you" ploy didn't work.

Yeah, Steve. That's it. I tried to hide it, but you caught me. Palin's life is entirely normal and not at all ironic and I'm just picking on her.

And when she's running for President in three years, the only reason anyone will use her as first rate comedy material is because she's such a big threat to President Obama's eternal rule. Because that can be the only reason anyone would do it, because there's nothing unusual about Governor Palin. Nothing at all.

her candidacy was a joke. A bizarre attempt by an out of touch party to tap into a non-existent family-values voting block that would give them the edge"

I don't disagree. I just find the constant harping on about the actions of her children and sister in law to be a bit much.

And Tom, I never said she was a threat to His Lordship. I just find the attacks on her family by Obama supporters to be petty and juvenile attempts at retribution because she dared to run against Obama.

I'd write more, but I have to go party with Ashley Biden at Zeituni Onyango's.

Steve, you say, reasonably, that you find the harping on Palin and her family to be "a bit much." You'll be surprised to note that I agree with that. Andrew Sullivan, to pick one person, writes about every one of Palin's foibles, establishing nothing new about her with each posting and indicating much more about himself than he does about her.

You get into similar trouble when you assign motivation to action. You assume that I post about Palin because "she dared to run against Barack Omighty." What's your evidence of that? I think you don't have any, and that your insulting assumption is a product purely of your own cynicism and dislike of Democrats.

In my own case, I haven't written about Governor Palin since January 23, when I cracked wise about her book contract.

Since then, she has made a number of very public, very embarrassing gaffes, including canceling an appearance before a Republican group and lying about her reason for doing so.

Were I motivated by retribution, I assure you I wouldn't have let that pass. I offer the non-posting as circumstantial evidence that I'm motivated by something besides retribution. In fact, I'm motivated by cheap jokes. Set one up and I'll knock it down. It's a compulsion I can't resist.

The reason I didn't post about her speech kerfuffle is that there wasn't a lot of comedy potential in the Governor doing what busy people everywhere do all the time: lying to friends about why they're not going to show up for a party. I gave the issue my standard two seconds of consideration, and went on to the next thing.

Please feel free to criticize any posting as a matter of fact or taste. I encourage you to argue policy. But don't assert dishonest motivation without evidence. Its insulting, and in the end does nothing but weaken whatever case it is you were trying to make in the first place.

And as for you, Wally, I don't make fart jokes here at Functional/Ambivalent. I save those for the dinner table.


I thought of several responses to this, but decided to leave it at this:

You post these comments about Palin's family under a heading of "Republicans in good standing" as if they reflect only Republicans. The fact is, in everyday life, stuff happens. Republican or Democrat. You don't choose your family and teenagers will be teenagers. We've both raised em. I'm glad I didn't have to raise mine under the eye of political/media attention. I'd guess you are too. No matter how you raise them, they do make mistakes. For crying out loud, my daughter voted for Obama! LOL!

I apologize if I insulted you.

You apologize for insulting me? You jerk. What do you think I am, a girl? Guys insult each other. It's how we express affection without having anyone think we're gay.

Melon-headed bastard.

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