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Kind of the way Daily Kos exists to make you look reasonable?

If you had followed Daily Kos' link to Calculated Risk back in October '07 as I did instead of believing the WSJ's "analysis" yor retirement fund might now be worth 7% more rather than 40% less. Kos is shrill but he's not a whackjob. He leaves the Palin Baby Conspiracy stuff for people like Sullivan. Yes, he is often snarky and he is definitely leftocentric but he doesn't just, you know, make shit up. I know there will follow some examples where he posted things that were completely wrong but even you will admit there is a difference between making stupid mistakes and a premeditated policy of making shit up.

Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh (and Michelle Malkin) exist to remind us the tendency to fascism is alive and well in our society as well.

Still, better to let them foam at the mouth and risk some fools to take them seriously than censor them.

Everyone has a right to express their opinion, just like everyone has a right to ignore it, or in this case, find it laughably idiotic.

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