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I think something is broken. I read this three times and I can't find anything about bad Republicans

Ah, Marg Hellgenberger. I have to admit that she is one of those actresses that has never lost her appeal. For me, anyway. But, I've always dug the older women. And now I can't get the riding crop image out of my mind. Thanks a lot for that one.

I've been saying for years that I need to make a trip to the Derby, if nothing else just to take a few thousand photos in the infield. It never ceases to provide ample opportunity for amusement.

Ran into Wee-man at the Schnitzelburg walk Saturday night.

That was a surreal moment. I had an unopened beer in my hand, so I said, "You want a beer?"

He smiled, "You bet." And he took it.

So next time I'm watching reruns of Jackass on MTV, I can say to the people with me, "See Wee-man there?... Yup. I gave him a beer."

I added a link to a Wee Man picture so people like me would know who you were talking about, Lee.

Also, I peed next to Sid Caesar one time at an Irish bar in L.A. Also I saw Milton Berle getting out of a Cadillac outside a deli. Is that right or what?

Also I saw Milton Berle getting out of a Cadillac outside a deli. Is that right or what?

That is assuredly right.

If he was smoking a cigar, it would have been perfection.

I don't think he was. Had he been just another old guy I wouldn't have noticed, but it was Milton Freakin' Berle, so I took in all the details. (Except, apparently, whether he was smoking a cigar.) He was getting out of the passenger side of the front seat, and he had his legs splayed out the way old people do when they have to stand up, and there was a gap between the bottoms of his pants and the tops of his socks. He had one hand on the back of the seat and the other hand on door and he was pulling himself up out of the car with a grunt.

There is absolutely no dignity in fame.

It was, for the sake of historical accuracy, in front of Junior's Deli on Westwood Boulevard. My wife and I had just finished breakfast. We momentarily considered going back in, just to watch him eat.

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