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LOL! Earlier you referred to the situation as "a plastic lifeboat manned by three teenagers" But now, because Newt Gingrich dared to criticize Obama these three teenagers in a plastic boat were a grave threat to Navy SEALS.

Absolutely hilarious.

Steve, we're going to fight again.

At no point did I say the pirates were a grave threat. In fact, I implied the opposite. I said it was tacky and hypocritical for Gingrich and others on the right to criticize the President's handling of a military operation while that operation is going on.

And then you go back to your old trick of assigning a motivation to whatever it was you imagined I did wrong. Again, "because Newt Gingrich dared to criticize Obama."

My criticism of the right, in this case, is not that get on Obama; they're supposed to get on Obama. That's why we have two parties.

My criticism of the right, in this case, is that they're not living up to their own sanctimoniously professed standards, and thus making themselves look foolish. Had they made the same criticisms after the action, they would be just fine.

Reading comprehension, Steve. Reading comprehension.

No, we're not going to fight. Your continued need to lash out at anyone who utters a criticism of his lordship, is too damn funny to fight over. :)

You are the one who compared Newt's tweet about Obama and "three teenagers in a plastic boat" to democrats criticism of the war on terror (oh excuse me, the conflict over man made disasters).

I'm too busy laughing to fight.

Newt has a reputation to protect? Not for a rational person with access to a search engine. The man's, well, a twit.

Kinda like the troll who already commented. :-)

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