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Tom, seriously, your hatred of republicans is consuming you. Relax man.

"Your in the Minority now. It's supposed to taste like a shit taco"

Some humorous words of wisdom from John Stewart, who made a great living out of being in the minority.
In 2000, I didn't do much in the election. I wasn't that excited about Al Gore. And, I bought the bullshit that W would be a moderate. In 2004 I wanted to get Bush out of office but not so much that I could take a big bite of the shit sandwich that is John Kerry.(We offered up mediocrity to replace mediocrity?) By 2006 I was convinced we were going to have to support Hillary for President and even as I threw up in my mouth a little bit I prepared to get out my checkbook and begin canvasing. Then Obama spoke here and I knew we had a candidate and that I would keep working until he (please notice the deliberate use of the lower case "h")was elected. I know that I convinced over 100 people to not just vote for Barack , but to get out and work for his election.
So, you guys lost. Now, find some good candidates you can believe in and start working to convince people to vote for them. 2016 will be here sooner than you think. It will only seem like an 8 year long root canal. Believe me, I know.

As far as the Republican leadership is concerned, I whole-heartedly agree. Very few of the Republicans you see on TV have a clue what "their" base wants. When they're out of power, they whine like bitches. When they're in power all they want to do is make the press like them, so they sell out any and all principles that may have gotten them in to power. If it weren't for the war on terror, I don't think Bush would have had a shot at a second term because of his dismal record on fiscal issues. Until Republican politicians realize that conservatives want our politicians to act like conservatives, no matter if the press likes them or not, they're going to continue looking like the bunch of whiners they are.

I only hate Republicans named Steve and it's consuming me.

It's a small matter Wally, though maybe not to him. His name is Jon Stewart.

Question. Are you just going to be Shallow Angry Guy for the next four years, or can we expect something reasonably thoughtful that isn't driven by hatred sometime soon?

This is really getting kind of boring.

My blog. I get to be whatever I want.

damned iPhone text correction

Ok then, one Shallow Angry Guy it is

Boy, is that a mentally healthy attitude.

Eight out of your 14 front page posts mention Republicans.

That's because, at this moment, Republicans provide maximum entertainment value.

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