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The sad thing is TWO people were killed in the sword fight. The guys grandmother tried to stop the fight and died at the scene.

Sword fights??? Who has swords??

Arrrgh....that would be a real shame matey!

"Who has swords?"

Apparently, your neighbors.

I have two civil war swords my father gave me. My brother and I used to "sword fight" with them regularly when we were growing up.

I think there are probably a surprising number of people out there with swords. A lot of them, I think, are in the hands of Civil War enthusiasts. I used to have a producer who worked for me who had a Civil War sword in his office, and when he was feeling manly he'd swagger around the office with it.

Most swords, I think, are probably leftovers from the 1950s and '60s vogue for Spanish-themed interior decoration.

Excuse me but it's simply not possible to swagger around with a sword from the civil war.

For that you really need one of the Broadswords from the Conan the Barbarian films. Loin cloth is optional.

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