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Consider this....

Specter didn't leave because of his support for abortion, on which he was to the left of many Democrats. He was a member of good standing despite his ideological impurity in that.

Specter didn't leave the party because of his fairly pro-union stances. He was a memebr of good standing despite his ideological impurity in that.

Specter didn't leave the party even the though the American Conservative Union (I don't really care about them one way or another, but this is interesting) gave him lifetime rating of 42. (McCain has an 80, for comparison's sake.)

Yet, he was still a member of good standing within the party.

But when he voted for the 700 billion dollar stimulus, that was it. The base, which is highly annoyed at Republicans for their wasteful ways and losing the mandate of financial responsibility back when they did have power, said that was enough.

That's what those Tea Parties were about. You may disagree with them, but they're about holding feet to fire on spending, and Specter's upcoming loss to Toomey in the primaries was a direct symptom of that.

And trust me, you guys can have him. He didn't switch for ideological reasons. He switched because even at 80 years old he will do anything to keep power.

Oh, and by the way, generic Congressional Congressional Preference: Republican 41%, Democrat 38%

Surely you're getting a little too worked up about this aren't you?
I would think that getting another couple of senators to switch teams would please you greatly. If the current republicans are the party of the "small minded" (I don't dispute this by the way) and the country is indeed leaning in a direction you approve of why wouldn't you want more to jump ship?

I recall the hearty congratulations offered to Ben (insert traditional Native American name here) Campbell when he stood up for his "principles" and like the mighty Willow tree bent in the direction that the political winds blew him!

If you think you are right you should press your advantage!

I'm confused by Snowe's statement, actually. The quote says, "Republicans can't be purists because that will kill the party", but then she adds that things started going wrong with the Republicans emphasized social issues TO THE DETRIMENT of basic Republican principles. What's she saying here?

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