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Speaking of "got one wrong", given this report, maybe we should revist that whole "water boarded 183 times" thing. You know, since the NYT basically lied about it and all. You know, the same thing you were accusing the Bush administration of doing.

First of all Frank, you seem unclear on the definition of "lying." Lying is when someone says something he knows to be untrue in order to gain advantage. The New York Times may have been wrong, but it wasn't lying. It was quoting a Bush Administration document. That's called "journalism."

Second, when I took my first newspaper job there was a sign in the newsroom that said "One source stories bite the big one." In the case of the Fox story to which you link, a single anonymous source contradicts the written record. That source has an apparent vested interest in minimizing the actions described, since those actions are possibly illegal and the source -- who was present during the illegal action -- might well be implicated in the illegal action. Further, the single-source story is presented by a news organization with a distinct political agenda, which also happens to be minimizing the significance of the possibly criminal action.

Finally, if KSM was waterboarded only five times, each of those five events still constituted a violation of national and international law.

So you'll have to excuse me if I continue to believe that what this situation calls for is a public investigation of what really happened. If this story is true, let's confirm it objectively. If it's not, let's confirm that.

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