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Gotta admit... the mustard thing is ridiculous.

See Steve: you're not a cult member.

Know hope!

Yeah, I mean if he had asked for Hunts ketchup instead of Heinz that would be an issue!!! :)

Where do I send the KoolAid?

Well, yeah, Steve. But that's something that matters.

I rest my case.

Tom, read the original posts. The guy was making a point about MSNBC engaging as Obama PR department by just happening to be at a hamburger joint, with a top reporter like Andrea Mitchell in tow, actually reporting live about Obama and Biden trying to play the "common folks card."

The dijon part was a bit of a gentle sense of conservative self-mocking (gasp, he ordered French mustard!) which when picked up the lefty blogs, conveneintly left out the self-satire tone.

So in recap: a guy pokes fun at himself, and liberal blogs intentionally portray his tongue in cheek as seriosness.

Pretty lame.

I think you detect self-deprecating humor in paces where it doesn't exist.

Lee is right. The whole Dijon thing on the blog was clearly a joke, you're just too far gone to get it. You know, kind of like all those "wingnuts" you like to mock. Different side of the same coin brother.

But that's not important. What is important is that there is a serious point to be made here. Dijon mustard on a hamburger? That is just poor taste! Dijon is a fine mustard and on sausages, or sandwiches it can be a marvelous addition. But a hamburger demands good old yellow mustard! And i'm not talking inferior products like the dreck put out by French's. At the very least a Ploughman's is required. The fact that O'Bama doesn't understand this is just further evidence of the man's poor taste. Any foodie worth their weight will agree. It isn't a question of liberal or conservative, but one of right and wrong.

And just so my mustard props are credentialed, yes, that was me berating a waitress in Miller's Pub in Chicago several years ago for not having a single jar of yellow mustard in the entire restaurant. And for the record, my tirade finished with the statement, "that;s just not American, dammit!"

Next time you're in Miller's, ask for yellow mustard. I guarantee you get it.

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