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Without delving into the details these all look A-OK with me.

But then again I'm not a republican!


Tom did you check Max Borders for the book you were looking for?

Thanks for posting this. I think I have a crush on this guy.

easy Syd. Ideology is only skin deep.

I think it'd be great if the Republicans adopted this plan - leading Dobson and his buddies to desertion of the party.

As long as we're living at a time when one party is clearly making the other its bitch, we might as well use it to break the duopoly.

You know, all this concern for the Republican party is really sweet of you and all, but you might want to keep an eye on your own.

I mean, Nancy Pelosi has completely shown the intellectual depth of Democratic policy concerning national security, terror, and interrogations these past couple of days.

Eh... at least President Obama is quickly adopting a hard line against America's enemies hedge fund managers owning Chrysler debt.

People are starting to notice.

And yet it's the Republican Party that is experiencing total collapse. Why is that?

I'm with you on this. Concern trolling is a waste of time. Since we control Congress and a have a Democrat in the Oval Office our energies would be better spent keeping our own house clean and running the country. One of my greatest worries is that if some Republicans do begin offering sound ideas, they will be dismissed by both Democrats and the strange fringe that people refer to as the Republican base.

Rereading my post I feel I need to clarify the "fringe" comment. I think many moderate Republicans and Reagan Democrats voted for Obama over what they perceived would be four more years of Bush/Cheney. If given a candidate like, perhaps Crist, they would return to the fold in droves. They are not really happy about supporting a Democrat but do not see themselves voting for Jindal, Palin or even Newt. If Obama is even moderately successful and the Republicans continue to move right, these voters will be ours to lose. Just like Reagan Democrats became Bush Republicans, moderate Republicans are likely to identify as Democrats if current trends continue. If we can forgive Arlen his transgressions and welcome him to the party, we can certainly forgive Colin Powell his UN dog and pony show and give him a place under the big tent now that Cheney has thrown him out of the GOP. In short, we are at a critical juncture where the next election cycle is likely to define which party moderate Republicans will identify with for the next decade. I hope we Democrats don't blow it.

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