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And your beloved party is so clean in this, too

Rep. John Dingell (D-Mich.) said yesterday that he intended to vote for the overall bill. But first, the former panel chairman said he would offer language that establishes a Clean Energy Investment Bank to promote clean energy technology through loans, loan guarantees and other credit options. The amendment also would back secondary market support for new energy bonds that could lower lending prices in the private sector.

Inslee yesterday said he hopes to amend the legislation to give the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission new powers to site interstate transmission lines when local governments cannot reach agreement.

"I understand that sometimes compromises have to be made in order to pass a bill, but I find it incomprehensible that compromises were made watering down the bill with others who don't share our view, but when you came to a real compromise on flex-fuel cars, none could be made," Engel said yesterday.

More power must be given to the commissars, right? Because they're good Democrat commissars.

I'd love to find out how all those corps got a tax break, because your linked 24-page spreadsheet doesn't mention it. Nor does it mention anyone who gets to keep a tax break. Nor does it mention what those tax breaks are for. Maybe you enlighten us hayseeds?

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